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The Costs & Savings

What are the costs?

The cost installing an air source heat pump depends very much on the size of the property, its current heating system, its level of insulation and its anticipated use. Bearing this in mind costs can range from £5,000 to over £20,000 for domestic systems. UK Government grants of up to £5,000 are available if your property meets certain criteria. Learn more about grants

Costs for running your air source heat pump will very much depend on how you use the system and its size.

Equipment Costs

The equipment required will very much depend on the overall system requirements to meet the needs of your property and your own individual needs. Prices for equipment range from £3,000 to over £15,000 for the most complex and high power systems.

The detailed site survey will ensure that we only recommend a system that will meet the unique requirements of your property.

Remember this is a significant long term investment in your property and the environment. It could also have a positive impact on the value of your property and make it more saleable.

Installation costs

The cost of installation will depend on the system chosen and the complexity of the installation. You should expect the installation to take 3-5 days for the simplest but it could take up 2 weeks for more complex system installs with more upgrades required. Costs can range from £2,000 to £12,000.

How much work is required to install the right air source heat pump solution for you very much depends on your current system and your needs moving forward. Our detailed survey will ensure you have a full understanding of all costs prior to installation commencing.

Running Costs

As part of your system design, a full assessment of your system requirements will result in the type and size of the system you require. From this you we will be able to give a good outline of the electricity consumption of your system and a comparison with your existing system.

As a rough guide Energy Saving Trust has produced the following graph to give an outline indication of likely savings for domestic heat pumps. Of course individual usage of any system will have an impact electricity usage and costs.

Running Costs

Cost considerations off grid

You should also consider in your calculations the cost of time calling suppliers of oil, lpg or other fossil fuels, waiting for delivery, the interest you lose with advanced payments, and the space these fuels take up on your property.

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