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Heat Pump Technical Solutions Ltd is an MCS certified installer of domestic heat pumps across the North West, North East and Midlands. With years of expertise in heat pump technology, our team are perfectly positioned to help homeowners benefit from more energy-efficient properties with high-quality installations.

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About Heat Pumps

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Household boiler house with heat pump, barrel; Valves; Sensors and an automatic control unit.

Costs & Savings

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Industrial: heat pump air - water for heating a residential home

Heat Pump Grants

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What is a heat pump?

Heat pumps utilise heat from outside and move it inside. Although it uses electricity to do this, the amount of heat delivered is greater than the amount of electricity used to power the system. Heat pumps capture heat that is already available in the environment and uses that to heat your heating and hot water. The use of this technology can save you money on your energy bills and reduce your impact on the environment. Learn more about heat pumps

Can I have an air source heat pump?

Most homes and commercial premises in the UK could benefit from installing an air source heat pump. Millions of buildings around the world are already using air source heat pumps. Whilst boilers are still available, an air source heat pump is a cleaner, more efficient alternative that uses the power of air and electricity to deliver heat and hot water.

Although most homes would benefit the installation of an air source heat pump, government grants are only available to those homes that meet certain criteria. Learn more about grants

How much does it cost?

The cost installing an air source heat pump depends very much on the size of the property, its current heating system, its level of insulation and its anticipated use. Bearing this in mind costs can range from £5,000 to over £20,000 for domestic systems.

UK Government grants of £7,500 are available if your property meets certain criteria. Costs


Will an air source heat pump save me money?

The amount of money you can save on your heating bills depends very much on the system it is replacing. Saving can range from low (replacing a modern A rated system) to substantial (replacing electric storage heaters). In addition you will significantly reduce you carbon dioxide emissions in almost all cases. Find out more

What are the environmental impacts?

Replacing and existing heating system with an air source heat pump should save between 1,400kg and 7,000kg of carbon dioxide emissions for the average 3 bedroom detached home. Source – Energy saving trust August 2022.

Learn more about environmental impact

How do we start the ball rolling?

To start the conversation you can Email enquiries@hpts.uk, call 01270 845201, or fill in our enquiry form. Following an initial discussion we can arrange for an exploratory visit to assess your current situation and advise you of the best kind of system for you and an outline of possible costs. If you wish to proceed further we will organise a full site survey and produce all the necessary calculations to be able to recommend the right system for you.


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